Monday, September 07, 2009

Journeys In The Dark

Dear Dungeon Diary,
Today a new group of hero/fools ventured forth into my domain. Andira Runehand (Nathan Winchester), Silhouette (Niece Westmoreland), Mordrog (Matthew Frederick), and Battlemage Jaes (Ameli Boli) dared to wander the home of Narthak. Despite their newness to this whole adventuring thing, the group made quick work of those denizens that called the halls of Narthak home. My own powers were weakened by Silhouette who's skills limited my ability to gather power (threat). Coupled with my inability to actually find monsters to spawn, and the group often was able to impose their will on those poor creatures within Narthak's home. I only managed to extract a VERY small amount of revenge when I was able to take control of Andira Runehand and use their power to create a huge fireball. Watching them all burn for a couple turns was quite entertaining and eventually allowed me to smite Andira. The others were quite a bit more trouble though. I certainly hope that should the group decide to continue their questing that they prepare to despair! The shall surely find the Brothers Durnog to be a significantly more challenging time.
-- Overlord

Ok, so we played some Descent. Since everyone was new, we played the intro scenario, to which we found the heroes much too powerful. Almost all my spawn cards were near the bottom of my deck, and since I was short on gaining threat, I had a harder time doing much to slow them all down. Matthew's tank was wasting everything and at the end, Niece long range attack was devastatingly powerful. Everyone seemed to enjoy the romp, so hopefully we'll play again - I'd really like to be able to play something other than the first scenario for a change. I even made custom dice for the occasion. One thing that has always been a pain is sharing dice. The FF dice are $7+shipping for another set. I was able to get a load of old Yahtzee junior dice on ebay for $5. A couple coats of paint and some time with paint shop pro and I was able to create labels. They turned out pretty decent I think.


Matthew Frederick said...

Amelia and I would both enjoy playing again, and had a lot of fun, thanks!

Mike G. said...

The first scenario is a good intro to learn the basics of the game but it gives the heroes a false sense of security. The overlord is much more powerful in the rest of the adventures.