Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tunnel Add-On For Carcassonne

If anyone cares, you can get a small expansion in Spielbox magazine for Carcassonne. I'm not sure it is worth the price, but there you go (be warned, this is a German magazine and the content is in German). We need a magazine like this in America - there are always great expansion contents inside. C3i is great like this, but I don't tend to play that type of game much.

Publisher Hans im Gl├╝ck and spielbox have co-produced the new Carcassonne add-on “Tunnel” which will be a supplement in the upcoming issue of spielbox. It consists of a cardboard sheet with 4 tiles and 2 types of chips in 6 colours.

Secure your copy early (as a reminder: the “Katharer” add-on has been sold out for a long time and the demand is still high!). Please use our new web shop for your order. You can find a banner to the shop on our start page. Here is the direct link: .

Subscribers receive the add-on in their subscription copy as usual.

With kind regards as always
Yours Barbara Nostheide


Bobby said...

The four tiles from "Die Katharer" are the siege tiles from "Cult, Siege & Creativity."

The cult tiles are part of the "Carcassonne"/"Stone Age" expansion from "Spielbox" last year, so maybe these will end up in a mini expansion at some point?

Whaleyland said...

Could I get permission to post this image on Board Game Geek? There is currently no image for the expansion. Thanks!

Also, when are the rules going to be posted? I think we are all curious about them.

Charles Hasegawa said...

You'd need to ask Spielbox, this isn't technically my image.