Tuesday, March 08, 2011

That Didn't Take Long

Well, I found a copy of Battles of Westeros on an auction - unpunched for $40 (plus shipping). I'm not all that glad I get to glue the set, but at least I have nobody to complain at if it isn't done correctly.

So now the real question is - what / how do I get rid of some things in my collection to make room for the incoming stuff? As I look around my collection I realize it might be time to sell off a few things. Indonesia, Bus, Keythedral pop out immediately as games I should sell. I'm on the fence about keeping C&C:Ancients. I like the game, but I'm not sure I need it. Worse case, I need to get rid of my copy of Exp #1. I should probably trade or sell off Battlelore as well.
On another note - anyone have a suggestion for how to store the Combat Commander series? I'd just keep them each in their own big box, except that Europe and Med are really one giant game. I'd rather not have to lug both boxes around if I can figure something better out.


Mike G. said...

I have tried to develop a storage system for CC:E for a while now. I currently have 2 containers and some ziplocks in the the Europe box and the Med box. I saw a post on BGG where I guy took a file folder plastic box, some nice bead containers which would house the chits nicely and merge his games into one big box. I was going to do this and bought all the containers. Then I realized that it was going to take up 3 times the amount of space and the boxes currently do so I am stuck with a bunch of containers and still no solution either. Let me know how your ideas go.

Charles Hasegawa said...

I saw that and it looked ok, but yeah, it takes too much room and (which is becoming an issue).

I have a Plano tackle bag that I house all my C&C:Ancients and Battlelore in - I'm seriously considering moving all that out and giving the bag to Combat Commander. The problem is - any given scenario really doesn't use a ton of chits, but you might randomly add anything, so you need it all available.