Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

Last Friday night was game night at Rob and Michelle's place. Matthew Frederick had indicated wanting to play Through the Ages face-to-face, the two of us sat down with Steve Bauer and Robert Bolan for a marathon game of TtA. We knew this would be a long game with four players and we were not wrong. Unfortunately, Steve has played often enough to know how to kick all our asses. And kick he did. Robert and I probably should have conceded about two hours before the end of the game (at least two hours). We learned a lot about the game (that had previously been essentially hidden from us by the online system we use for PBEM games. Of course, having more knowledge of the game hasn't made me any better of a player. Today we finished another online game and Nathan is now a stupid 6-0 in this game. I'm really on the fence with this one ATM. I like the game, but I just don't seem to grok it. I'm torn between wanting to figure it out and not wanting to play it anymore. I'll likely keep playing online and for sure I will not play it again F2F with four players (in fact, I won't play this with 2 online or F2F). Not sure how many more beatings I have left in me though.

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Mike G. said...

I used to love this game but the more I play it the less I like it. My rating used to be a 9 and now it is a 5. I sold my copy about a week ago.

I do not like how important and powerful military is in the game, especially when the military deck is pretty random. It has ruined a few games for me. I honestly will also not play the game with certain people. No offense to them, but I have a horrible time playing this game with them.