Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dec. 13, 2006 - Battle Cry Charles vs Jason

Devil's Den and Wheat Field - Gettysburg part I.
This one went back and forth for a while. and was in a 4-4 tie. I had half my command cards giving me orders I couldn't use, so ended up late in the game kind of flailing around trying to get anything done. I got a fire card that let me push one of Jason's infantry units with a general back off the board, giving me the last two points I needed for the 6-4 win. Union takes back the lead 54-53 for the war.

Ok, that's what I wanted to happen. What really happened was that I screwed up that last turn. I hadn't moved an artillery back at the start of my turn and so had rolled too many dice. I re-played the turn and did NOT kill Jason off. Instead, he killed me the next turn and HE won 6-4. Damn 55-52 for the Confederates.

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