Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dec 5. 2006 - Gaming Goals for 2007

I started seriously "gaming" in July 2005. It took almost 4 months of weekly gaming before I ever played a game twice. As we started the 2006 year, there were somethings that I wanted to do during the year as far as gaming went. I still wanted to try new games, but I also wanted to play the games I liked a bit more often to get a better grasp of what was happening. Here were my goals for 2006:

  1. Average a new game each week. My gaming group usually bring a bazillion games (it took me about 4 months before I got to play a game that I already knew). This shouldn't be too hard for the first half of the year, but I want to keep things new all year round.
  2. Play all the unplayed games in my collection. I'd like to have at least one play for every game I own.
  3. Try and keep my purchases in line with goal #2.
  4. Play one heavy game each month (3+ hours). I'd like to try and play at least one of those games once a month. This will probably still fit in with my first goal, as I can think of a number of epic games I've never played.

So, with only a month left, where am I? Well...

  1. I've tried 78 new games this year.
  2. My collection still has a number of unplayed games. In fact, I've acquired a number of new ones I haven't played. Some are really decent bargains that I didn't want to pass up. Some I expect to play with friends or family, but not my regular group. Others just haven't seen table time yet.
  3. I have played at least 11 3(+)-hour games. I think one a month is about right, if you game every week. Although, playing A Game of Thrones almost always makes me want to do it again.

So what about 2007? Well, I'm trying to cut back my game nights to every other week to make my wife happy. We are also moving to Omaha, so I'm losing one of the best game groups in the country. My folks will play some games and they like cards, but it won't be the same. So, I'm not sure, but here is a early take on what I see in 2007 (assuming we move).

  1. Tichu has to hit my dime list again. That means, teaching my wife and folks to play.
  2. Find a group to game with.
  3. Get a Crokinole board.
  4. Go to the BGG Con.
  5. Attend at least one other game con. Origins might be the one, as I could stay with a friend near Columbus.
  6. Write a couple game reviews each month.
  7. Teach my parents and/or their card partners 12 games. Real games. Probably things like: Ticket to Ride, Mystery Rummy, Cluzzle, Tichu, Samurai, Canyon, Carcassonne, Coloretto, David & Goliath, Quandary, M, Margin for Error, That's Life!, Union Pacific

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Magic Rat said...

Fitting in with your last point, you should consider the 10 Days series as games to get and teach your family to play. They are light and easy to learn, and they work extremely well as gateway games.