Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dec. 26, 2006 - Games played Year in Review

Here is my listing of the games I played in 2006. Now, technically I still have another game session coming up on Friday. I'll update the list after, but I expect to mostly get in a couple plays of games that will get me to the "5 plays" point of Antike, C&C:Ancients, BattleLore and one more game of AoS with my friends before I move.

So, the list has 128 different games. Most of those were new plays, though a number were plays of games that I had tried before. At any rate, to sum up my year of gaming:

  1. I bought a lot of games. I also traded a lot of games. I added 94 games to my collection, though a number of those went out in trade for others. My collection sits at 146 if I've not missed any. It never feels that big - probably because of the number of "games" that are really just expansions.
  2. My top three games? Power Grid, Age of Steam, and A Game of Thrones. I had not played A Game of Thrones until this year and I fell in love with it. Its really just well done.
  3. When I started the year, there were a ton of games I wanted to try, but as the year progressed, I realized I didn't care if I got to try all of the ones I read about. What I wanted was to play some of my favorites more.
  4. Surprise! I like the Command and Colors games. All of them.
  5. Surprise! I really like Twilight Struggle.
  6. I attended my first con this year - Phoenix ConGames. 4 days of gaming goodness. Except... there is only so much gaming with Jerry and two other n00bs I can take. Jerry is just painfully slow and it gets old when every game you play for three days takes an extra 45 minutes because you have to teach it. Otherwise, it was pretty fun.

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