Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 21, 2007 - Hansa: Wechselnde Winde (Changing Winds)

They introduced a mod to Hansa on MaBiWeb - the Changing Winds Map. While at first glance, there appear to only be superficial changes, the board has moved good stacks, and changed the directionality of a couple routes in addition to adding new routes and new scoring. You can also pay double if you want to go in the reverse direction of a route. The new scoring would be enough to consider, but all the changes were too much for my little brain. This game was with Seth Jaffee and Matthew Frederick. Seth is a gamer from Tucson that I met last year at the PhoenixConGames and an able gamer. I had mis-read the map and spent the first couple turns trying to adjust and keep up. Far too late I realized I had no idea what the strategy on this map was. Towards the end, I missed that I could have ended the game and Seth grabbed a huge 20 points on the last turn plus bonuses. End scores:
Seth: 64, Matthew 44, Charles 39 (booooo).

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