Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 25, 2007 - Taluva and BattleLore

Steve and I managed to get a few more games in tonight. We started with a couple games of Taluva. Taluva is a newer game that is probably best described as Java lite. The pieces are the same shape as the Java pieces - 3 hexes in a y-shape. Players take turns placing one of the pieces and then playing one of their hut, temples, or tower pieces. The goal is to rid yourself of two of the three types of pieces (or assuming that nobody does so, getting more of your temples placed). If you can't place a piece, you automatically lose. Having never played before, I had no advantage over Steve and we split our two games played.

We then went ahead and got BattleLore out and picked up where we left off the other night playing the third scenario of the game - Burgos, Castile. Neither of us had much luck under the Fleur de Lis banner as we split the games 6-4 each time. Both times the Banner of the Lion had the luck of the cards and was able to use the goblin cavalary to hurt the opposition.

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