Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22, 2007 - BattleLore

Well, I'm on a training excursion out of town for a few days, and I brought along a couple games - Taluva, Jambo, Hera and Zeus (all new), Twilight Struggle, and BattleLore. I had wanted to play Twilight Struggle, but there just isn't anywhere in the hotel that I think we can play. I talked Steve Wicklund into playing something with me, and introduced him to BattleLore. It'd been a while since I last played, and of course I had to try and remember all the differences between BL and all the other Borg-C&C games. So, the first playing we of course mis-played a number of rules. At any rate, Steve had a good time and we played the first two scenarios out switching sides after each for a total of 4 games.

The first scenario - Agincourt - I managed to lose as the Lion Standard 2-4 and then as the Fleur-de-Lis Standard 2-4. Steve had the charge card to start that second game and the fact that I scored anything was due to pure luck.

The second scenario for the night was First Chevauchee. Here the luck went my way a lot, as I managed an easy 5-2 win under the Lion Standard. I was really hoping for a shutout, but in pushing that hard I left two units vulnerable and Steve snagged them before I could finish him off. As we switched, luck didn't change and I won 5-3.

Neither scenarios offer anything more than the basic system, but since we have a few more nights I figured it'd work out easiest to let Steve get used to the system before we throw in the Lore. If we play again tomorrow, we'll likely jump ahead to the 5th scenario - Wizards and Lore to get a feeling for the additional complexities.

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