Sunday, June 17, 2007


No, that doesn't mean I have no friends. I ran across a post by Brian Bankler (of The Tao of Gaming) about extended BGG stats by John Farrell. My results are at here .

So here is some "analysis" of my stats. First the things that don't make sense. Time spent playing is bogus. This is based of the listed playing time. For example, A Game of Thrones is by no means a three hour game, yet this is how its listed. If everyone knows what they are doing, a 6-player game is at least 4+ hours. AT LEAST. Nothing wrong with that, its a super game, but I can't fathom how you'd ever play this in three hours. The time section is a little meaningless to me.

Favorite categories was interesting to me, but the breakdown was odd. It shows me having 9 war games (don't tell that to a GROGNARD, since nothing I own really qualifies as that in their mind). It also only shows 9 expansions (that's wrong, I counted 27, NOT including Heroscape).

The most unusual games I own is a listing of games that have the fewest user rankings (I guess). Not sure why someone would bother ranking something like Pitchcar Special Long Straights, but whatever.

Now the interesting stats. Starting with Most Played Games I Don't Own.

NameMy RatingPlaysUsed to Own?
Blue Moon6.55Y
Havoc: the Hundred Years War4.05Y

Of these, I would re-acquire Yinsh and possibly Blue Moon. Yinsh is a great abstract two-player game. Blue Moon was interesting, but I think it really needs a lot of playings before the fun comes out. At some point, I will own Torres, Backgammon, and C&C:Ancients. Torres is a super game and for the life of me, I don't know why I don't own this game. Backgammon is just one of those things I'll get in time. C&C:Ancients is one of those where I need to have a regular playing partner first I think. Pickomino was a gift for my mother, but I'm indifferent about owning it myself. Maybe when the kids are elementary school age and are working on their math. The others I do not want anything to do with. Byzantium sounded so good on paper, but wasn't as much fun when you actually played it. Actually, it was fun, but the endgame was disappointing especially after 3 hours. Havoc was just not good.

According to the list, here are the top 5 games I should play soon (all of which I own):
  • El Grande - yep, I do need to play this. I also need 4 other players first :(
  • Funkenschlag Atolla Modulis - Hey, I spent all that time making this didn't I?
  • Conquest of the Empire - this will probably stay in the shrink for a long time.
  • Vegas Showdown - this does need to get some play time.
  • San Juan - this needs some play time too (so do a lot of a games ;) )
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    Matthew said...

    Havoc, man, I just don't get it. I like the guys behind it, but the game just never worked for me. I playtested it way back when, gave them a bunch of feedback, but the final game was nearly identical to what we'd playtested, and the same flaws (in my eyes) were all still there.