Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 18, 2007 - Hansa Changing Winds Tourney

Finished another game in my pool, suffering another loss. At least this game was closer, though I still was behind most of the game. At the end, I thought i had a chance, but I miss counted and when I tried to end the game, I came up 1 short, allowing my opponent - Justin Green (shumyum) to end the game after another turn. That alone was a 6-pt swing. Not sure if I could have won if I had ended it, but it would have been close. Final score:
Justin: 71, Charles: 62.

I'm getting a better handle on the new Hansa map, but I'm decidedly against Hansa as a two player game - the luck is far to prevailing. Three players is definitely the sweet spot for Hansa.

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