Friday, June 29, 2007

My Top 10 June 2007

About every 6 months or so, I revise my top 10 list. As you can see (if you are really astute) there has been an update to the Top 10 games listed on the right side. Here are my thoughts about the rankings:

Age of Steam
1) Age of Steam. I've liked this one better than Power Grid for a while and finally just gave in and gave it my top spot. After not playing for 6+ months, I got to teach the game to a couple guys the other night. This is still my top game.

Power Grid
2) Power Grid. I really enjoy Power Grid, because it incorporates a number of mechanism that I think are easy to understand (auction, supply and demand, jockeying for position) and have been mixed together quite well. This game plays equally well with any number from 3-5. I dropped it only slightly, because with six players, the randomness of the power plants negatively effects the game. Its also fiddly in managing the goods track and to a lesser extent, the power plants - though a single person can easily handle those portions of the game. The rest is easy enough for a beginner to quickly pick up and its still a great game. I'm looking forward to the new power plant cards coming out at the end of the year.

Game of Thrones, A
3) A Game of Thrones (plus expansions). The third place is still the same. This is one freaking great wargame. Nearly no luck and all strategy makes this a nearly perfect. Everyone's house plays differently, yet the game is really well balanced. It also captures the flavor of one of the best fantasy series exceptionally well. This would be number one if it didn't take 5+ hours to play.

4)Torres. Still at #4, still don't own this. I really really should. I should also play this more, as I really enjoy it. The action point system and the spatial system really connect with me (it probably why I also enjoy Java and Taluva).

Twilight Struggle
5)Twilight Struggle. New to the list this time around. I really like this one, despite the length. It just oozes theme and is really fun. I wish I knew how to make it play a bit faster. There are a few cards that can really unbalance the game, but they are there on both sides. Much as in the real Cold War, a little luck and smart play will usually win out.

6)Tichu. This is my favorite trick taking game, and I like it with either 4 or 6. I have got to find some people to play this.

7) Samurai. A great Knizia game that took me a while to understand the 3-player strategy. I still have no grasp on the 4 player strategies. Even the two-player game is fun. I've been playing a load on MaBiWeb. This one looks great when its set up and is entertaining no matter the number of players. I'm going to try working on some new maps for playing face to face.

Carcassonne - The Castle
8) Carcassonne The Castle. Dropping down to #8 from 5. This is probably my favorite two player game. Knizia's take on the Carc franchise is very well done. Its pretty simple to learn and has enough to it to make you think a bit. I wish regular Carcassonne was this entertaining.

9) Ingenious. Hmm, three Knizia's in my top 10? Well, there are a load of games that could make number 10 in my list depending on the day - today it moved up a spot. This one plays equally well with 2-4. The more I play it, the more I like this one.

10) Antike. I miss playing this one. Fast and furious and good "lite" Civ style game. A lot of people claim the end game drags on, but I have yet to play a game where I found that to be true.

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Red October said...

so you have a handful of games up here that i'm dying to play and get in trade:

- Power Grid
- Twilight Struggle (just missed out on getting a copy for $10!!)
- A Game of Thrones
- Antike

When are we playing next?!

- justin