Friday, June 29, 2007

The Mystery is Revealed!

Ok, so I got my mystery 3-pack of games and I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed. Not that I was expecting a gold mine of games, but I was hoping for one gem in the bunch. As one Tanga-poster said - "I look at it this way - I got 3 games for $7 each, which is cheaper than going to three movies, and I'll probably get more entertainment out of the games even if I only play them once or twice."

Ok, that may be true. OR I might just not ever play those games, in which case, I wasted my $20. The thing that really bothers me is that previously, Tanga Mystery games had been decent games. The types of games we received were all things that would have gone out as a CHEAPER mystery pack. Unfortunately for Tanga, I will be among the many that will not go out on a limb for a mystery pack again.

The games I received were:
Double or Nothing - This is a nothing special Kniza game that should be ok with non-gamers.
Ostrakon - A light party game where the idea is to correctly guess the opinion of the group.
Ice Lake - This actually turned out to look like the most interesting of the bunch. Players write out their skater's movement plan (left, right, straight) in secret then take turns moving (ala Roborally), with the idea being that the ice is thin and where you go leaves a "crack" (marked with erasable pens) in the ice. The goal is to surround your opponent and make them fall in (I guess).

So, nothing terrible, but I wouldn't have purchased any of these on their own. These games average a 5.88 (just below - "Ok game, will play sporadically if in the mood"), with the high being Ostrakon at 6.1. If one of these games had been a solid 7 (even if I owned or didn't want to own) I, and I think most of the disappointed Mystery Pack owners wouldn't have been disappointed.

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Jason said...

Wow, you did better than me average wise. My 3:

Double or Nothing
Trick or Treat

for an average rating of 5.3. I'll be lucky if I can trade Wreckage for some CCG cards, and the other two are going straight to Bookman's. Thanks Tanga :P