Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Thoughts of No Interest on the BGG Top 50 (41-50)

Just some random thoughts about the games ranked in the top 50 of the BGG...

RankBGG RatingMy Take

Chaos in the Old World (2009)
I really enjoy this asymetrical Euro-trash game. The four sides play rather differently and the game really isn't long enough to dislike, even when you are getting killed. FFG did a great job and this ended up being a game that came out of left field and became an instant hit with me.

Go (-2200)
I am not good at this game. I've played through various tutorials, but still wouldn't feel comfortable playing without a computer telling me if I'm playing it wrong. I can see where this is an amazing abstract, but I just haven't grok'd it yet.

Small World (2009)
I am a fan of the original - Vinci. Sorry, not a fan of this remake. The art is SOO garish that I can't hardly look at the board. I've peeked at games in progress, and I can't tell what's going on. This game isn't that complicated - it should be really easy to glance at the board and assess your situation.

1960: The Making of the President (2007)
Steve Bauer was the "guy with the most recorded plays" for this one a year or so ago. His remarks about how this is an also-ran compared to Twilight Struggle (one of my favorites) took out any enthusiasm for wanting to even try this one. I don't play TS enough, why would I want to play the lesser version? Its not like it is any shorter.

Dungeon Lords (2009)
I have a number of friends that are fans. So why do I refuse to try this? I think it is because I really don't enjoy worker placement games ala Agricola. They are ok, but I'm not going out of my way to play them anymore. This one always seems to run really long to top things off, so I have avoided it.

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! Russia 1941-1942 (2008)
Truth be told, I'd probably like this one. I tried to trade for it for a while. I've finally decided that I have Combat Commander and I'm not sure I need another squad level WWII game. What itch could this game scratch that CC doesn't? I'd be willing to play it, but don't need to own it right now.

Endeavor (2009)
JAE - Just another Euro. People said it was a decent little Euro game that borrowed a few mechanics from other games. And it got played a lot right after it came out. I haven't seen it since. I'd like to try it, but won't cry if I never play it.

Advanced Squad Leader (1985)
Um, no. I've heard the stories about the crazy-ass rules and charts and the rules and frankly it sounds like too much work. Again, what itch does this scratch that Combat Commander doesn't (and what does it do better than CC AND do it simpler)? I'm not inclined to even look twice in this direction.

Hansa Teutonica (2009)
I know nothing about this game. Nothing. Guess what? I didn't even go look when I wrote that. Unless told I HAVE to play this game, I probably won't play unless that's my choice for the night. I just don't care.

Memoir '44 (2004)
Ah Memoir. Jason Maxwell and I played through the entire base set and the first expansion set (all through VASSAL). I enjoyed the quick little battles (I think the games ended up running about 9-11 turns each). However, the game got a little stale and all started to feel "samey". I finally traded it away after BattleLore came out. Now that I have Battles of Westeros, I think Memoir is my LEAST favorite of the whole Command and Colors set of games. Having said that, playing this game in Overlord fashion is a riot.

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nijoos said...

Hansa Teutonica - well, you HAVE to play it. I simply think it is absolutely one of the best games to emerge in the last 2 years. A clear 10 in my book. There - go try it, and fall in love with it ;)