Thursday, April 07, 2011

My Thoughts of No Interest on the BGG Top 50 (31-40)

Continuing on with more games and MHO...


Shogun (2006)
I've played neither this nor Wallenstein. Yes, I own a copy and yes it is unopened. One of these days...

Die Macher (Valley Games Edition) (2006)
I've only played this once. I really enjoyed the experience, but I have to admit, it really sucked all the brain energy I had out of me. After 7 rounds, I was ready for the game to be done. A really good game, but you have to be ready for this (mentally and physically, but mostly mentally).

Railroad Tycoon (2005)
My affinity for Age of Steam kept me away from the watered down version of the game. After playing the streamlined version in Steam, I've had even less reason to need to try this game.

Imperial (2006)
I've had this one in my collection forever and still haven't learned to play it. I understand it to be a decent stock type roundel game, so I'm not sure why it hasn't seen any play.

Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery (2007)
AoEIII sits somewhere in the bottom half of my Top 10. I really like this game and the various ways you can approach the game. There is a good amount of tactical play and player interactions. My only quibble is the randomness of the exploration tiles / cards - they can really swing the game away from you.

Ra (1999)
Ra is an excellent auction game / push your luck game. I don't know that this one has great legs and though easy enough to pick up for beginners (with a play mat) it is decent enough for gamers as a lighter end of the night kind of game.

Tichu (1991)
Though not a trick taking game (technically it is a "climbing game"), this is one of my favorite games - not just favorite card games. Partnership trick taking games are a load of fun and this is one of those games I'll rarely if ever pass up playing.

Dominant Species (2011)
This one is new to me - as in I'll play it for the first time tomorrow night. Though it is a "worker placement" game, it doesn't quite fit the mold of Le Havre, Agricola, or Fresco (to name a few) because instead of placing workers to gather resources or to convert resources into other resources, you are vying to dominate the earth as the species that adapted to the environment better than your fellow players. I don't know what that means, but I will soon.

Crokinole (1867)
My loving wife got me a Hilinski board for my birthday a few years back. This is a great dexterity/flicking game of skill that is a riot with four people playing in teams. I really hope my kids learn to love this as much as I have and fight over their Dad's board when I'm long gone :)

Here I Stand (2006)
7.557I really like card driven games (CDG) and here is one that plays 6 players (and two with a special deck). There is a group that plays this at the Geekway and it seems to be a great event. The problem is - it is crazy long. I've also read that the end game can be ruined by luck of the draw determining the winner.

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