Saturday, April 09, 2011

My Thoughts of No Interest on the BGG Top 50 (21-30)

Continuing on with games 21-30 from the BGG Top 50 and MHO...


The Princes of Florence (2000)
This is some people's favorite in the the Alea Big Box Series. Its an auction game of sorts where you are vying for (IIRC) the "help" of various builders to construct a palazzo. I might be completely wrong - its been years since I've played this. It is ok but I didn't love it enough to drag it out over and over again. Maybe I should...

Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage (1996)
This game was, for a long time, a hard to find and expensive older game originally done by Avalon Hill and one of the first "modern" card-driven games. Not quite a wargame, the mechanics of this one feel similar to Twilight Struggle. I highly recommend this, though it is a bit on the long side. The one thing I don't care for as much is the whole battle card system. It certainly doesn't ruin it, but it doesn't feel quite right to me either.

Stone Age (2008)
Hey look! A worker placement game. This one reads good on paper, but I'm pretty sure I'd play it and then wish I'd played something else instead.

Goa (2004)
Goa was somewhat played out by the local group right before I came along and started playing. I still haven't tried this and nothing I've read about this one makes me push to play it either. It doesn't sound like something I'd dislike, but it doesn't sound like I'd fall in love with it, so no big whoop if I don't.

Combat Commander: Europe (2006)
Readers of my blog already know how much I like this particular series. Combat Commander is as much a game as it is a story engine. It is like playing out episodes of Band of Brothers. I really love how the various armies play out differently and any scenario's flow can quickly change (much like war I'm sure).

War of the Ring Collector's Edition (2010)
At one time, I had a copy of War of the Ring, but wasn't all that interested in even trying it and traded it away. This particular edition isn't different, just glitzy. It looks cool as hell, but that doesn't really make me want to play it.

Twilight Imperium (Third Edition) (2005)
The original longer wargame from FFG. This space fight is a 6+ hour Ameritrash style game that I've never been that interested in playing. I think I got enough of this kind of gaming growing up - we used to play loads of Risk, Axis and Allies, Conquest of the Empire, Fortress America, etc.

Pandemic (2008)
Pandemic is a co-op game where the team is trying to irradicate a number of spreading diseases. The game is fairly fast paced and has a decent amount of tension in a short playing game. One of the better games in the team genre. I think the expansion makes this better, but the game is good by itself.

Runewars (2010)
Yet another longer wargame from FFG. I've read this one is a mish-mash of mechanics and this kind of game isn't ultimately a hit with my local group, so I haven't even seen this one played.

Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game (2010)
I have not tried this newer incarnation of boardgames trying to imitate the computer game of Civ. It sounded a little long and I've been playing a lot of Through the Ages so I'm burnt out enough on this theme/genre currently and don't know that I really want to try this one.

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Mike G. said...

For what it's worth, Twilight Imperium 3 is not Ameritrash at all. Conflict is in the game but if that is what you focus on, you will lose. The game is all about getting victory points based on objectives. Only a few are combat related.

Stay away from Sid Meier's Civ. It is terrible (and long).