Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Thoughts of No Interest on the BGG Top 50 (11-20)

Getting close to being done. Here are the bottom half of the top twenty.


El Grande (1995)
This is quite possibly one of the best games around. Area control and various powers with something of a bidding mechanism. Really a great 5-player game. This one can cause a little AP (analysis paralysis), but is worth the effort.

Race for the Galaxy (2007)
RFTG is the card version of Puerto Rico, but re-themed in space (seriously, that's how we ended up here). The original design for San Juan was basically RFTG. At any rate, it is a decent (though as far as I'm concerned, far too highly overrated) game. I disliked that luck of the draw can pretty well determine the winner early in the game. There are plenty of strategies, but if you start down one path and never get the cards you need, you are screwed. No way to catch up.

Tigris & Euphrates (1997)
I only ever played this once a while ago. I don't remember it being a bad game, but about half the local group doesn't care for it. I think its one that I'd enjoy if I played it some more.

7 Wonders (2010)
This is a card drafting game where you are trying to build your civ/empire. The beauty of this game is that it is fast/short and interesting. It also plays well from 2-6 players. I nice recent hit.

Steam (2009)
Steam has taken over from Age of Steam (#20). Steam cleaned up the re-stocking phase, introduced a new action phase to replace the auction (though you can still do the auction if you prefer) and offered up a gentler way to manage stock/money. Combined, the systems make the game faster and more streamlined. One of my favorite games.

War of the Ring (2004)
At one time, I had a copy of War of the Ring, but wasn't all that interested in even trying it and traded it away. This is the same "game" as #26, but the original version. Erik has claimed this is a great game - maybe I'll get a chance to try this out someday.

Commands & Colors: Ancients (2006)
Until Battles of Westeros came out, this was probably my favorite of the Command and Colors series. The system "grew up" and was more complicated by just enough. The block system really works here. Minis aren't necessary for enjoyment of this game. A good game with tons of expansions. The only down side is that all the scenarios feel a lot alike, except for the unit distribution.

Battlestar Galactica (2008)
This co-op has a twist - not everyone is on your side. Some of them "have a plan". Though I enjoyed some of the show, I never really wanted to sit down and play this. Probably because I'm not good at deceiving the other players and easily deceived.

Paths of Glory (1999)
This card driven game about WWI doesn't hold as much interest as other periods and has a really really long playing time. If someone I knew had this and really wanted to play, I might indulge, but haven't gone out of the way to try this.

Age of Steam (2002)
For a long time this was my #1 favorite game. I still own it and 15+ expansion maps (including a number of print & play maps). When I first heard about Steam, I figured it was just going to be more of Raiload Tycoon. Then I played it a couple times and realized that as much as I love this game, I liked Steam more. This is a great great game, but Steam has cleaned up a few things that make it more streamlined.

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