Monday, October 23, 2006

Battle Cry - A game log in serial part II

My dearest Stephanie,
  I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to write. As I was drafting my last letter to you, word came in that General Dodge had ridden off with a section of cavalry and was killed. We were all relieved beyond words when his horse came back with the good general still alive. I fear though that the Southerners took General Dodge's defeat as a sign of weakness as they began to push through our eastern flank and then began an all out assault from the north. Their troops came down like a flood of crazed barbarians shredding our infantry and destroying a battalion of artillery. Moral was indeed low, however General Carr refused to be defeated. He called for infantry from the rear to lay down fire and demolished what was left of a cavalry regiment. His other cavalry and additional skirmishers managed to eliminate a group of southern infantry that were foolish enough to try and advance up the hills to the west of Elkhorn Tavern. The troops feel quite relieved and are now optimistic about our chances.

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