Thursday, October 19, 2006

Battle Cry - A game log in serial...

March 7th, 1862
My dearest Stephanie,
  General Curtis has taken control of the Union Army of the Southwest. We have recently become awary of the Confederate army attempting to outflank us to the north of Elkhorn Tavern. General Dodge has joined with my commander, General Carr, and we have regrouped in order to try and hold of their approach. General Dodge's forces were the first to be engaged, as the confederate cavalry swept in and surprise one of our cavalry units. The fighting was mild and we sustained only light casualties. General Dodge immediately called up a unit of artillery and they began to rain down destruction. In an effort to see for himself what was happening, the General joined the cavalry units and helped them to finish of the southern riders as the artilery continued their rain of destruction to units further north. The general is calling for his aide, so I must go. I will write more to you later.

My dearest Stephanie,
  Though this appears to pick up immediately, the last hour has been very exciting. General Curtis ordered our units into small skirmishes. Our brave General Carr has himself rode out to join with a section of our cavalry in order to put eyes on our enemy. However, a report of Confederate skirmishers and cavalry advancing on our position in the west has just come in. It sounds like our troops are giving back as good as we are taking, though I fear for our generals.

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