Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Unplayed games in my collection

I recently created a geek list of the unplayed games in my collection. There were 29 items on the list. That does not include the four new games I have coming or just acquired. That doesn't include the new games I'm likely to get by the end of the year. October, November, December. Three months. Three new games a month makes nine games. Ok so the list of games I think I can reasonable get played by the end of the year:

  1. A Game of Thrones: Storm of Swords - I really like this game. Noah Antwiller is the only other person I know that really loves this game. Typically my desire to play seems to drive our actually playing AGoT. I'm pretty sure I can get this in.
  2. Liberté - I just got this, but Wallace is fairly popular in my group, so this shouldn't be too hard.
  3. Acquire - Bobby has said that I just need to get it out to get it played...
  4. Quandary - This is pretty light (its the early version of Loco!), so it shouldn't be hard to get played.
  5. Terra Nova - This doesn't look terribly difficult to understand and not terribly long, so I can see this hitting the table.
  6. Vinci - I'm pretty sure I'll have no trouble getting everyone to play with my winky.
  7. Age of Steam: Germany - Despite Noah's complaints, I really want to see what Germany is like.
  8. Manifest Destiny - I haven't received this yet, but I want to play this. I enjoyed Age of Renaissance, but didn't care for how long it was (and the book keeping), I'm hoping this scratches the right itch.
  9. Command and Colors: Ancients - ok, I don't own this yet. I'm waiting for the reprint to come out. I still want to play it.

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