Saturday, November 10, 2007

Descent Beastmen

Ok, so after playing Descent, I decided to give it a go with painting some of the figures and the first round is now done. It came out pretty decently I think. I kept its simple and with the understanding that I'd be hitting it with a black ink wash at the end, so I tried for brighter colors than I normally might have used.

This first shot shows the beastmen after spray painting them. The paint I grabbed had a satin finish, which wasn't quite what I wanted, but ended up ok. I'm going to try my best to find flats for the rest.

Here we have the guys after a couple swipes of paint. Some of my paints are a bit old and not "strong" enough - I had to use multiple layers - that's too much work for this sort of thing. Apple Barrel paints are so cheap, I may just buy them fresh going forward.

Finally, here is the finished product - figures after the black ink wash. It really makes the details on the figures stand out - too bad my photography skills suck.


Matthew Frederick said...

Very nice!

I love how inkwashing effectively does a ton of painting for you. A huge help, it never ceases to amaze me how much better my minis look after an ink wash.

Tatsu said...

Thanks Matthew. I didn't know you painted. Since these are all mini's for a game and they are all the same, I tried to spend the minimalist amount of time on them. The ink wash is really a slick trick, since its like the inverse of dry brushing color onto black. The only thing I wish i knew how to do was take really good pictures of small things.

Mike G. said...

The beastmen look good. A shot of dulcote will make them even look better - it will get rid of the shine (unless you like that look). Another interesting technique that I use when I speed paint is the "dipping" method. I block paint basic colors and then brush on tudor colored miniwax polyshades stain. After it dries, hit it with dulcote. The polyshades is polyurethane based so you get a nice protective coat since dulcote does not protect. You can also do the same technique by mixing future floorwax and paint. The future floorwax is a little easier to work with since it is water based.

Tatsu said...

This was my first attempt and I indeed used the floorwax+water+paint=ink wash dip. I diiped the guys, then used a paintbrush to wick away the stuff that was pooling at the base of the the figure. I also have the polyshade stuff in two colors (tudor and walnut), but wanted to try the easier floorwax, since I can make it myself and use any color or strength I desire. Also, I have paint thinner, but its easier to just use soap and water on the brush. The figures are far less shiny than my poor photography makes them look.