Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hell Hounds and Spiders

Next up on the paint train are the spiders and hell hounds. I really went minimalist on the spiders. Brown paint with a small amount of yellow for the the regular ones, and black with red for the masters. Then I decided to go back and dry brush some silver onto the black ones body. It came out cooler than the pictures make it look (and I just noticed I got the crappy brown spider in front center - good job!).

For the Hell Hounds, I went with a bright yellow base, then did a red mane and orange dry brush for the masters. The base units simply have an orange mane with white dry brushing. The picture actually looks better than I think the units turned out. The yellow was waaayyy to bright. Oh well, things still look better than unpainted.


Mike G. said...

Dip the hellhound. The miniwax will take that nice brightness away for you!

Red October said...

hard at work over the holiday! looking good, buddy. i'm going to have to break out my Battle Cry minis again!