Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Finished a nice close game of Tikal yesterday with Jason Maxwell and Matthew Frederick on spielbyweb.com. Matthew bid an awful lot early and spent a load of guys to lock down two temples, which may have hurt him later on. Jason tended a bit more towards the treasures than either of us, which probably was a factor in his winning. I tried my best to lock down temples to keep them from scoring for Jason and it looked like that plan might have worked, except I made a critical mistake at the end of the game. I let Jason win the last round's bid, thinking to cost him some precious victory points in what was shaping up to be a close game. However, that clever plan let Jason slip me into the lead going into the last scoring. Going last was not going to win me the game and Jason won easily. Jason won 113-106-101 (I could have scored 107, but I didn't want to redo my turn again knowing I couldn't win). With Jason going in front of me, I missed scoring a 6 temple that Jason might not have scored. Still, it was a close and tense game.

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