Monday, November 05, 2007

Opps, I Did It Again.

I started another project. I am the king of getting started. Please don't ask how many things I start and don't finish. Maybe that's why I like blogging - there really isn't an end. Ok, so after playing Descent, I thought to myself - "self, those figures would look way cooler with a bit of paint". So yes, I started painting. Just the beastmen for now. I spray painted them a base brown. I've added gray/white hair to the normal and red/orange to the master versions (to keep something of a "red" theme to those pieces). So far, so good. I need to probably hit the orange hair again, then do the loin clothes. Then I'll do the bands on their legs/feet, and maybe the little doll on their waist. Finally we'll end with a quick black wash and be done. At that point, I'll likely never finish the rest of the set ;) The painting thing is something from my youth I've never been able to shake, but with the internet, there are lots of hints on painting that makes this much easier. Plus, I'm just not anal about it like I used to be. After looking at the Heroscape figures, I realize that they can be a bit sloppy and not matter. Winter is coming, so maybe I'll get more done.
Maybe I'll finish all the other projects I have lined up: Atolla and all the other print and play stuff I need to do. Then, to top it off, I found a back issue of HS Codex that shows how to make really cool custom bridges for HS. Man, I really want to make some.

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