Friday, February 15, 2008


The results are in from the latest math trade. I'm trading away my copy of Samurai Swords (which I wanted to play for the longest time, but not any more) and Liberte. In exchange, I'm getting Age of Steam and Battle Cry (plus a game called Dixie - Bull Run. Yes, I traded away Battle Cry for Diplomacy (AH/Hasbro) version a few months ago - now I'm looking at it like I traded Liberte for it instead. Whatever. Its interesting that I'm trading for AoS. The box has a ding, but I don't care in the least - I have a box - its empty. I'm probably going to do an ultimate trade and see if I can't get something cool. This math trade, the AoS guy is getting Indonesia, which I really wanted. Ah well.

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Todd D. said...

I was too exhausted from the last math trade to get in on this one. It did look like there were a lot of good games in it.

I am so kicking myself for not getting Age of Steam back when it was available. It's crazy that a game that popular can't manage to stay in print.