Sunday, February 03, 2008

Vinci - Vassal

Tried out a new game via Vassal - Vinci. This is a pretty decent game and not bad PBEM. I played with Jason Maxwell, Matthew Frederick and Mike Gingold of the AZ Gamers. I started it up and then turn order was Matthew, Jason, and Mike. Most of us hadn't played Vinci in a while, which was ok, since we got to take as much time as we liked, however without someone there to remind you, its easy to forget the other civ's powers (and your own). I know I forgot to use my civ powers once and I think Jason forgot to count his declined civ's points at least once. The game was really over about 4 rounds from the end, when Mike's crazy civ with super defense took over half the board. He put it in decline and still scored like 17 points from it over the next few turns (might have been more). Matthew and I were chasing and Jason just kept hoping for the end of the game. We played with the variable ending and it didn't matter in the least. Mike easily won: Mike-146 Matthew-134 Charles-132 Jason-115. This one doesn't get regular play and is fun enough that it'll probably stay in the PBEM rotation for a bit.

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