Wednesday, June 04, 2008

May 2008 Game of the Month

Ok, May was a sad sad month for playing games. One game night (5 games) and two online games of Patrician. Given that, Wabash Cannonball finally makes the game of the month. This is a short and yet fascinating economic game. If you haven't seen it, you aren't missing anything - it probably is the cheapest crappiest looking game I've ever been exposed to. It honestly looks like someone started selling their mock-ups of a game. In fact, I've never seen a game where at least 6 BGG'ers have made their own versions of the map (myself included). Once you get past the looks, you'll find a pretty good game. Its a stock manipulation game with an auction component. Its fast and there are lots of ways to make money and hose the other guys. The thing is - most of them are subtle. Subtle enough that I have not even come close to winning since my first game. I think most of that comes from always playing this with Mike Garrett and two other newbs. I'm more interested than ever to play this with a full complement of experienced players. And despite my losing ways, I can see the great game here and it is short enough I want to play it again and again.

Other games that make the list this month? Um... well, this was really the only good choice for me. In fact, of the games I played - I tried Bobbin' Bumblebee and wasn't impressed (its an ok kids game that is fun when all 4 players are in, but gets old when there is only 2 and can get tedious quickly despite being short). Patrician was ok, but suffers the same problems that another Michael Schacht game (Hansa) does - randomness can overtake skill and cause a better player to have no hope.

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Mike G. said...

Patrician is a much better 3 player game. You have more control and can set yourself up a little better. Not the best game in the world but decent filler. It does not take long to play a game.