Monday, June 30, 2008

Stop the Bleeding (please)

And after Bug River, Jason took it to me again in 6 turns, whopping me 6-2. I don't hate Memoir, but I don't recommend playing it as Jason and I have (just playing one side the whole way). Reason. Its too hard to balance. In a scenario that favors the Axis, I get screwed if luck slides a little to one side (and maybe I'm jaded here, but it seems that most of this damn game favors the Axis). There have been games I've won and won by a decent amount (though few and far between). Now, having said that, Jason probably plays just a little better than I do, but come on! Averaging a kill a turn? Stupid game. Axis now ahead 220-203 for the campaign.

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Mike G. said...

Don't blame the game. Blame the die randomizer on vassal. Why do you think Jason beats me in all those games online :)