Sunday, June 22, 2008

NOT A Game of Thrones

Well, we had planned to play a little 6-player A Game of Thrones Saturday. Its been two years since I've been able to play one of my favorite games, so I was actually looking forward to it a bit. However, Justin Kosec and his buddy Ben never arrived. We (Mike Linder, John Davis, Mike Garrett) were unable to get a hold of them, so we abandoned that plan and switched gears to Indonesia. This was my second playing and I have to say I was impressed. In much the same way that Wabash Cannonball continues to suck me back in, Indonesia will play out so very differently each time depending on a lot of factors. This particular game saw a tight grouping of cities and shipping lines, making the ownership of shipping nearly worthless. Mike Garrett went for mergers early, which changed a lot of the dynamics from our first game where we didn't research mergers until late in the game. What we ended up with in this game was a lot of size two cities that were tightly grouped around the shipping lines and a LOT of Siap Faji. Mike Linder and John each had a Siap Faji company, and in the end I think the fact John had no shipping gave Mike a slight edge. We eventually conceded the win to Mike after Mike G merged some oil companies, allowing me to acquire the last company needed to end the game.


Jaybird said...

My brother came over last night, and was telling me that you had wanted to play AGoT--too bad, man. It's tough to get stoked to play a certain game, and then it just falls through. I just passed up a trade offer for AGoT plus one of the expansions (not sure what one)--too many longer games to play already.

Red October said...

bummer, bro. sort of. i mean, can you really be bummed about playing Indonesia? i'm jealous of you guys...would have been with AGoT as well.

come on back to illinoise and we'll play us some Antiquity.