Friday, June 13, 2008

Tichu at the Geekway

So, I got a lot of thank you's for "running" the Ticu tourney at the geekway, and a lot of suggestions, so I just wanted to throw a couple of thoughts out about the what and whys of how things went. The original plan was to simply try and run a double elimination Tichu tourney over the course of two days, where we would announce the pairings and then let folks find their opponent and duke it out. I didn't want to schedule a large block of everyone's time for a couple of reasons - we got some response, but not enough and I didn't want people sitting out because they thought a large portion of their weekend would be occupied with playing cards. The other reason being that not everyone was going to be available on Friday. We didn't start until Saturday because we had open spots I wanted to try and fill. In retrospect what I should have done is simply run the stupid thing Friday night at 6:00. All at once. Can't make it? Too bad. In a game that hasn't finished by 6:00? Too bad - you forfeit your first match. Now, I'm not trying to be harsh, but rather fair to everyone else. Given the limited number of participants, I think that those limitations would be ok. Next (and I meant to do this, I just forgot) - print out the brackets ahead of time. They don't have to be filled in, just printed and ready to be filled in. You can find all number of brackets online so you can adjust for the number of teams. And that's it. While I know a number of players found the 500pt matches a bit short, I think for this format its ok. It makes the games a little more exciting and tense (I thought) and you still play the championship match(es) to 1000. Any other thoughts?

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Matthew Frederick said...

Just eager for your return... Rob and I love Tichu, as does Steve, but we can't get four people to play and it's driving us nuts.