Friday, June 27, 2008

More Trading

You'd think I'd be done trading things. Really. I just don't have that much left I want to trade. So anyway... a quicky 36 hour math trade popped up on the radar and I threw a few things in the ring. Arkham Horror, Fearsome Floors and Bus. I put up Arkham, because I'm not in love with it. Its a good game thematically and it is interesting, but I'm not that big on co-op games. I have Pandemic, which for me scratches that itch. Also, I'll never get Arkham to the table in Arizona with the guys I'll normally play with (and if I wanted to badly enough, there are other folks in AZ that have it and would play...). I got Fearsome Floors (NIS) off the trade table at the Geekway to the West 2008. I didn't really want it, but it was the best available choice (actually the best choice was a game I wanted but didn't see sitting there). At any rate, FF is ok at best. I didn't mind trading it at all. Bus. Remember Bus? I listed this in the MT, and I clearly stated that the boards were warped. However, as I got it, it was not going to get played, so I decided to get rid of it.
So what did I get? Beppo der Bock which is a kids game that uses magnets - the kids should love it. I'm also getting a like new copy of Doom: The Boardgame. I don't know why I want this. I just want this. I have Descent. I still want this. I finally got it. And yes, now I'll need the expansion. Lastly, I'm getting Bus. Yes, I'm getting Bus. A different copy. Couldn't be worse could it? I've traded with the guy in the past and he listed the game as being played, so the boards can't be anywhere near as bad.

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Mike G. said...

Doom is a lot of fun even if you have Descent. It plays a little differently and it is a faster game.