Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Game of the Month - August 2008

Hahahahah - Agricola, you don't win again. No I have to say that the game I found most interesting this month was easily Metropolys. So basically, everyone gets a set of buildings 1-13. Each player also gets a secret bonus goal and board space type to try for (it becomes fairly obvious quickly what your goals are). The first player places a building on a spot and the other players can pass or bid. If they bid, they place a bigger building on an adjacent spot to the last bidder. The highest bidder leaves their building in place and the rest take theirs back. Rinse and repeat. Sounds simple, but much like Ra, there is an art to the bidding. Its not just about bidding though - there is some consideration as to where you want to place - if you start bidding expecting to be outbid, you don't want to start on a spot you truly want. At any rate, I had not heard anything about this game and I was very surprised to find a new gem.

Other games that missed the cut - the aforementioned Agricola was a close second and really the only other game that stayed in my mind.

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