Monday, September 29, 2008

Game of the Month

In looking at my list of games played in September, there were a couple of new games, and then in looking at them and the others to pick a Game of the Month, I was basically down to two games - Tichu and Battleball. I choose Battleball for a couple of reasons. One, it was
easy enough for my 5-year old son to grasp the mechanics of the game. That meant we could play it without having to dumb it down (though as with everything I play with him, I have to take it easy on him a little). Its also football season, so it was fun getting in a goofy game like this. and finally, it was new, so its still fresh in my head. Basically, Battleball is combat football. It could also be described as Heroscape-lite-football. Each player has the same team makeup which you put on the board. On your turn, you pick a player and roll the die that matches the player's base. There is a D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20. The player moves whatever you roll. If you move next to an opposing piece, you fight. Both players roll their die, and the low roll wins. So, guys that are fast (D20) also have much less chance to win a fight against the guy rolling a D6. Its a simple system and yet is well done. There are more advanced rules available, but the game is quick lite fun as it is.
Other games that didn't make the cut:
  • Tichu, despite a marathon classic game and other fun matches.
  • Ice Flow was fun, but not great (though it is pretty). Its just a bit long for what it is.
  • Hamburgum was decent, but I think I like Antike better
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