Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I recently acquired my first true war game. It was not on purpose. In the last math trade, I got a group of games Blood Feud in New York, The Collector and MBT (that is not some short reference that people give to the game - that's the name of the game). So anyway, MBT is some sort of tactical ground combat game. Little itty bity chits and hexes. And rules, oh the rules. I scanned a page out of the rules. Um, as you can see - they suck. And there are 50 pages of them. Not only are there 50 pages of tiny print rules, and chits, but there are also some 20+ double sided reference cards for the different units. You can see how fun they look too. Now, to each their own. I love Age of Steam and lots of folks hate how unforgiving it is, or how boring it looks or whatever. But come on. Who makes a game like this? Even in a hobbyist market like AH used to publish to, why in God's name would you buy this sort of crap? SNORE!!!!!! Where is the fun in this game? For anyone?

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