Monday, September 22, 2008

Its Like I Went to Essen

but I totally didn't. For the first time, John Bohrer made his normally Essen-only Winsome games set available to folks not going to Essen (most of us). I forked over the cash. Now, I went into this knowing full well that I was likely being mostly ripped off. While I did get two full games, an Age of Steam map, and the "expansion" for Wabash Cannonball - it cost me $135. Now if you just look at the picture, your first reaction is likely to be - yep he TOTALLY got ripped off. The thing is - Wabash was so good. I really like it. And the early things I've read about Preu├čische Ostbahn and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio lead me to believe that they will not be much differently liked by me than Wabash Cannonball was. But still, I agree - the production values are <cough>LOW<cough>

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