Sunday, September 14, 2008


My son Ashton has taken in interest in playing games, so I'm slowly feeding him new games to see what he'll take to. Pretty much, he likes anything I put in front of him and so far, I've kept my own enthusiasm in check to try and let him come along at his own pace. Today, while his sister napped, I taught him to play Tsuro. Tsuro really is a game that a 5-year old can play, as you draw a tile and play it and if you go off the board, you lose, so don't go off. The real rules have you play a hand of 3 tiles, but I found out that all this does is keep you from getting hosed on the second tile of the game (which happened to me). The game plays out in 5 minutes regardless, so the whole draw then play thing is nearly the same. We played about 5 games, and he loved it. He kept asking to play again, win or lose. In fact, he seemed to be just as happy for me when I won as he was when he'd find out that I had lost and he'd won. I doubt that will last forever, but its nice to spend time with my son just watching him learn a new game.


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this is great, charles. good to see the little fella getting more and more into games. Tsuro is a fun little game...i know ja plays it with his little girl.