Friday, November 21, 2008


Taught Agricola to Nathan Winchester. We played a two-player standard game (i.e. with occupations and minor improvements). It actually went fairly smoothly. We both ended up "cheating" slightly but caught our mistakes partway through the game and just kept on going. In fact, I'm sure that neither error would have changed the game's score. So how does it play with two player? Fine. It felt more fiddly with two players - maybe with more players helping restock and such it doesn't feel as fiddly, I don't know. At any rate, It doesn't feel as tight as with more players (though Nathan commented on how tight the game felt - not an unsurprising remark for a first play). I will note that having played 3 times now, I have twice had a hand of occupations that sucked. Most of my occupations were "end game scoring" type, meaning I had no early help for food. I really don't see why a short draft or redrawing of cards shouldn't be done. I do enjoy the game though and will probably try and get it out again a time or two before the end of the year.

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