Saturday, November 08, 2008

Game Night (sort of)

Well, rather than the planned normal Gamer's Inn night, I had to change plans. You see, my wife somehow managed to break her ankle early in the morning. With her out of action, I knew I'd be at home watching the kids. After dinner, Erik VonBurg stopped over to play a few games. I had promised my son that we'd play Micro Mutants and that he could play with us. Erik, being a good sport (and liking the game anyway) played along and Erik and I each "won" a game. Ashton enjoyed playing with us both and we all had fun.
After the kids went to bed, We looked at what to play next and Erik asked about Qwirkle. Since this is a quick game, I showed him how to play and we whipped through a game in no time. I was able to pull away a bit at the end of the game. Qwirkle is a light abstract with not much to it, and I'm not sure if Erik cared about it much one way or another. One thing I did note - in my dining room, you can't tell blue from green and red from orange. I keep this one because my wife likes it and it'll be a good family game as the kids get older.
After Qwirkle, I taught Erik how to play Pandemic (at the normal difficulty). We were the Dispatcher (me) and the Scientist. We managed to knock out the black plague right away and despite blue and yellow blowing up, we headed to asia to knock out red. We killed red by cheating and not getting to a research center. We realized our gaff a couple turns later, but kept going. It didn't matter. We had a huge number of outbreaks at the end of the game and lost. I should play this a little more often - its really a tense game for as short as it is.
As we headed back to the room to pick another game, Erik asked about Crokinole. I like Crokinole and don't play it as often as I should (for as much as the board cost), so I was happy to get it down. We played to 11 points (winner of each round scores a point). Erik and I went back and forth a bit, then I pulled away at the end with a bunch of way lucky shots.
We finished up the night playing a little PÜNCT. Neither of us had played this, so neither of us knew what to expect. What happened was Erik winning very quickly the first game. We played again, and I snuck in a win. We played the rubber match and it was a little more tight, but still quick with Erik winning. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one. Its fast (fast as Zertz was), but I can't decide if that's good or bad. I should throw a Gipf game into my bag each week to blow out filler time if they are going to play this fast...

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Bobby said...

Ahh, that explains why you didn't show on Friday.

I was first at the Inn and then Noah showed up. I taught him how to play Hive.

Matt arrived and we started a game of Dominion. Noah had to leave half way through so I pulled out the requisite number of VP cards and Matt and I finished it was a two-player game.

Steve and a couple of others arrived and Steve bought In the Year of the Dragon so we could play with five. As we were setting up, Amelia and Matthew arrived, so I dropped out to teach them The Gathering Storm for Race for the Galaxy. We played a couple of games, and then Matt joined us for a game of Dominion, which was also a first for Amelia and Matthew.

Ray was still hanging about, so I offered to let him take my place for another game of Dominion. When they were done, I packed up and left, content in knowing that I spread the word of the cults of Race for the Galaxy and Dominion. I am sure they hung out and played a little more after I left.