Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Trade Trade Trade

Well, as I might have mentioned - no purchases doesn't mean no new games if I can trade. I made a random trade offer last night of Container (plus my pre-order resin containers) for Galaxy Trucker. I was pleasantly surprised to find an acceptance in my inbox this morning. Very happy. Now I get rid of one more un-played game in my collection for one that I know will get some play. Of course, now I want Galaxy Trucker: The Big Expansion, but one thing at a time. As for Container. I really thought I'd like it. It sounds like a game I'd enjoy, but I never got around to playing it. I saw it being played in AZ once, but I found out later that everyone but Scuba Steve hates it. Oh well - I know he brings it, so I can probably try it at some point, but I don't need to own this one at this point and I'd really rather have Galaxy Trucker. I also was able to work a deal for my Memoir '44 game, Eastern Front expansion, and winter/desert board. Looks like I'll be getting Lost Valley - a tile laying game where the tiles are diamond shaped and its about finding gold? Rumis - a 3D abstract game that is decent fun and Jambo, which is a two player card game that I never got to play when it was in my collection before. Not a bad set of trades really.


Mike G. said...

That's like the third or fourth copy of Galaxy Trucker in the group now :)

Tatsu said...

yeah, but this one might actually get played in my house.

Matthew Frederick said...

Both very solid trades, definitely improving your collection.