Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm Done Buying Games

Well, no, not really. I'm done for a little while - say through the end of the year. I'm placing an order with some friends for Le Havre, and that will be my last purchase (for my collection) for the year. I'm taking a harder look at the old budget and I've decided I shouldn't be buying myself things with Christmas looming. I may be buying something for Secret Santa (but possibly not - I have a number of popular items in the shrink still I can send out) and probably will get Sorry! Sliders for my son for Christmas, but no more games for me this year. Which as I've noticed lately shouldn't be an issue. I need to play what I have more anyway. And, trades don't count - I still may get something I've been wanting through a trade. I just keep need to keep telling myself that I don't have to have every game and that there are enough people around that DO, so I can play those games anyway. So, what is on the front lines of things I want to buy? Dominion, Galaxy Trucker, Duck Dealer, and Ubongo are pretty high on my list. But again, I'll live just fine without any of them. I was on the fence with Dominion anyway, so I'd like to play it first and I want to play Ubongo to know if I need/want both Ubongo and the Extreme version. What I really need (and don't need), is for my son to get older so we can play more of my games.


Bobby said...

I’ll bring Dominion the next time I go to the Inn, which might be this week.

Mike G. said...

I have Galaxy Trucker and really want to try it.