Thursday, June 01, 2017

Collection Churn May 2017

I'm continuing to move in the right direction (I think) since I only acquired two games and sold or traded 9 (and 4 expansions). Without further ado, here is the collection churn for last month.

Acquired: Dice City, Scythe Collector's Ed.

Dice City is still (at the moment) unplayed by me. Brandon Kempf got and played this at Geekway 2016 and I saw a picture and it made me put this on my trade list in a math trade. He refuses to accept any responsibility for this landing in my collection. I don't honestly know that it will get played anytime soon. Right now, Yokohama is more on my "want to play" list than Dice City. I have not even looked in the box.

So, Scythe - I found a local (Phoenix area) gamer that was willing to trade his Scythe Collector's Edition for a reasonable set of stuff (see below). It worked out especially well since neither of us had to ship anything. I made a trade to get this for Alyson (my love) for her birthday. It was the first game we played at our first Geekway together (2016) and she really liked it, especially the deluxe bits. To take it up a notch (which is no small feat I might add), I 3D printed some tokens using black and copper filaments. I also asked Jamey Stegmaier if he'd sign the rules for her with a short dedication. He graciously agreed and she was quite touched. We haven't played her new game yet, but my friends tell me it works well 2-player, so I suspect we'll be getting plenty of plays in soon.

Sold or Traded:
  • War of the Ring Anniversary ed - I was part of the original order waaaaayyyyy back when they announced it. I don't know that I was looking to make an investment in it, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't planning to keep and play the hell out of this $450 beast either. Sold it to pay some things that came up last month (paying movers).
  • Kingsburg+Exp - I like Kingsburg, with the expansion. That being said, it never ever got played. They re-themed it with a Cthulhu theme (except you were the cultists), which was cool, but no expansion, so booooo. At any rate, this was taking up space and so was on the chopping block.
  • Ora et Labora - I love Ora, but it was part of the sacrifice for Scythe. I'll probably re-acquire it at some point. Good game, but wasn't seeing table time, so maybe it is ok it went.
  • Madeira + exp - I liked this meaty euro, but it was a little too dense to get regular table time, so it too was traded for Scythe.
  • Jambo + exp - Jambo is ok. I don't know that it ever struck me as SOOOOO awesome like it did a lot of people, so I traded it too. Most of its value came from the expansion which I never even opened. 
  • Taluva - Another that I loved that was sacrificed for my love's present. Taluva is a great game and will probably end up in the collection again someday.
  • Arboretum - the last of the stack of stuff I traded for Scythe. It is pretty, but we have lots of small card games to play.
  • Flick 'em Up + Stallion Canyon - My daughter loves this and is going to be mad at me, but I just don't really like this (though it sounds like the kind of thing I'd think was really awesome). It takes too long to setup and just isn't as fun to me as many dexterity games.
  • Pastiche - For me, Fresco is close enough to this that I don't need both and Fresco is the better game. My main problem with Pastiche is that there isn't really any way to make clever plays to do better than your opponents. You do better when the person before you sets you up to get extra cards. 
And with that I'm down to 239 games (plus expansions). I don't know that I have a particular goal in mind, but getting down to "not overflowing the storage" is certainly a target. 

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