Tuesday, June 06, 2017

What Did I Play Last Week: May 30 - June 5

This past week I got in a few more games of "Race" on the iPad/iOS but that was it on the electronic front. The rest of the list are actual games played on the tabletop. Without further ado...

Race for the Galaxy
As mentioned, I played a bunch of Race this past week with friends. We expanded our horizons a little (and the game), by using the Gathering Storm expansion. For such a small set of changes, I suck. I was finally playing against the Hard AI at a better win clip, but the expansion has set me back a ton. I'm a bit conflicted on this game. I've enjoyed playing on iOS, but I still have no desire to do so at the tabletop. The goals that are added as part of Gathering Storm help improve the flaws I have with the base game, but based on the way I've been playing, at least one thing is still true - after about 4 cards played, you can usually tell if you are hosed. No biggie if you are playing an AI (two more minutes to end the game or just quit since there are no stats), but I'm not big on conceding games against real players. Nobody likes a quitter.

Ticket to Ride: The Card Game
My daughter wanted a re-match of this game after I thrashed her. My love, Alyson joined us for the first time she's played. The girls took turns hosing me and I ended up with a pretty mediocre result. My daughter got her revenge and destroyed us both. In fact she insisted I record the scores immediately - 145-68-53 For the record, the game is much different head-to-head than it is with a couple of players. We don't play it enough that I've figured out how to be good at it yet. Still a fun little variant from the real game that I'm enjoying more the more we play.

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
In my last post on this blog, I talked about starting a solo Legendary campaign. You'll have to head on over there for details. The Cliff Notes version: I found rules for a solo campaign which I started. I played it once and screwed up some rules, so redid my playing of that game/mission. I don't play this anywhere near enough given how much I like it (sitting in my top 10), so this is a great alternative. I really like this particular deck builder, in large part because the license is awesome, but also because the story is particularly comic like and fun. The last expansion set I added to my collection was the Guardians of the Galaxy set, and since my box was then full, I haven't grabbed any other sets. I have no driving interest in the Secret Wars or Civil War sets, though the new X-Men set caught my eye. Before that though, lets see how I feel from playing solo.

Thebes is like that one friend you had in high school or college. Not your best friend, or your favorite buddy, but when they were around, you always had a good time and weren't wishing they'd go away. At least, that's how I feel about Thebes. I often forget it is sitting on my game shelves. It isn't the first thing that pops into my head of things to play. But when we sit down to play it, I have a good time and remember that this is a fun family game. Who doesn't like digging for treasure? Yeah, it is luck filled, yet careful planning is important and helps mitigate that some. In a 2-player game, things are often really even. The thing is, it also is pretty unique (at least in my collection) as far as gameplay goes. I'm happy to call Thebes my buddy, even if he doesn't get much attention from me. Oh, and I won my game vs Alyson, but only 75-73. I had 15pts in conferences to her 1, but she was killing it at sites. She nabbed all but one of the top artifacts from each site. Sheesh.

Have a great week everyone and be sure to check us out at PunchBoard Media!

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