Sunday, June 11, 2017

Legendary Campaign Season 1 Parts 3 & 4

Hello True Believers! As previously blogged, I discovered a solo variant to Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game on BGG by BGG user Sky Zero. I just finished the last two scenarios of the campaign and here are the results.

Scenario 3: Replace Earth's Leaders with Killbots
Mastermind: Dr. Doom
Villains: Enemies of Asgard and Radiation
Henchmen: Doombot Legion
Add Red Skull and Magneto Mastermind cards to the Villain Deck

For this scenario I decided to go with a couple of X-Men - Storm and Cyclops and added the God of Thunder himself to the mix - Thor! This looked like it would be a good combo of heroes and there'd be some synergy, but for whatever reason, it was a very mediocre grouping and this session was ridiculously close to be a loss. I kept the scheme scenario in check, but never could put together much fire power in any single hand until  I had nearly exhausted the hero deck. I managed to put together just enough to fight Dr. Doom my last two rounds, defeating his scheme on the last round. I managed to collect 40 points in bad guys and had a single bystander. Unfortunately, 7 villains escaped. This was easily the longest scenario I played out, as it took a whopping 25 turns to win. I kept Cyclops Optic Blast as I wanted something with a little zip (attack) for the last scenario.

Scenario 4 & Final Showdown: The Legacy Virus (12 wounds)
Mastermind: Loki
Villains: Enemies of Asgard and Brotherhood
Henchmen: Doombot Legion
Add Red Skull, Magneto and Dr. Doom Mastermind cards to the villain deck

I considered re-using Wolverine (who I like) but instead decided in my head that the "story" was better if Shield and the Avengers were sent to stop Loki while most of the X-Heroes were laid out with the Legacy Virus. I had Cyclops and Rogue in my starter deck, so they weren't completely out of the narrative. I brought in Nick fury, Iron Man, and Captain America. The first couple of rounds were hard and I was KO'ing SHIELD agents left and right. For the first time during the campaign, I bought Maria Hill in order to get some $$ back into my deck, so I could afford the heavies. Meanwhile, the Legacy Virus was getting nowhere. Captain America kept the wounds out of my deck and my deck's tech cards had put me into a "draw my whole deck" situation much like an earlier scenario. In 11 turns, I defeated Loki. I scored 53 points (I used all my bystanders to slow down the flow of bad guys). Only 1 villain escaped (though with a bystander).

Because this was the end of the campaign, I now had to face all four of the Masterminds, one at a time vs a 6 card draw in a final showdown! I only counted attack and disregarded the recruit values. I managed to put all four villains away once and for all.
  • Defeated Red Skull 14-11
  • Defeated Magneto 29-12
  • Defeated Dr. Doom 24-13
  • Defeated Loki 44-14
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