Monday, June 05, 2017

Legendary Campaign Season 1 Part 1

I just discovered a solo variant to Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game on BGG by BGG user Sky Zero. This variant is fairly straight forward. Setup like you would for a two-player game. The Hero deck will act / move like the Villain deck does - draw a new hero at the start of each turn and push the deck to the left, discarding the pushed off hero (he is called to duty elsewhere of course). What else? You draw two villains each round. You can use a rescuer bystander from your pile to reduce one villain draw each round.
This in and of itself is only semi interesting, but he also posted a set of campaigns. I've decided to give this a whirl, since I love this game and haven't played in a long while. I'm running the first season, which is base game only. At the end of each scenario (win or lose), I get to keep a hero from my deck to replace a S.H.I.E.L.D agent from my starter, but in doing so, I can't reuse that hero anymore. On top of that, I can't use the other heroes back to back in scenarios. Here's the breakdown of the first scenario:
  • Scenario 1: Midtown Bank Robbery
  • Mastermind: Red Skull
  • Villains: Hydra and Skrulls
  • Henchmen: Savage Land Mutants
I decided to run the first set of heroes as : Hulk, Rogue, and Gambit. Seems like a legit team up. Gambit and Rogue are having lunch in New York, team up with The Hulk to foil the Red Skull's bank robbery (and as hokey as that sounds, it also sounds like a comic book plot to a tee). Not real sure how the Skulls and the Savage Land Mutants got into the script, but who cares!

The system works pretty well. The double villain draw really keeps you pushing. Using only three heroes makes it nice to get some synergy going. Between the Red Skull and Rogue, I thinned my deck down to the point where I got to lay down some serious beatdowns for the last three turns and end the game. It only took me a measly 8 turns to win. In the meantime though I let 5 villains (with their four bystander hostages) run free. My approach was to thin and then grab for the green Hulk and Rogue cards to stack. Apparently worked ok. Gambit's deck really sucks. He helped me move through my cards and activate my Rogue card to deck-thin, but otherwise he kinda sucks.

I won of course, scoring 26 pts in defeated Masterminds, Villains, and henchmen. In the end, I thought about keeping a Gambit card since I can't reuse whatever deck I keep a card from, but I didn't like my choices. I ended up keeping Rogue (Energy Drain) to help deck-thin future adventures.

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