Friday, July 13, 2007

Atolla Trade List

I've had a number of inquires into Atolla Modulis making. I've finally decided on a rough value for my time in producing a copy and put together a list of games I'm willing to accept in return for a copy of Atolla. Be warned, I will consider offers in the order that people have contacted me and reserve the right to reject an offer if I feel like stopping my production. Once I had committed to a trade, I will finish that copy, but have no obligation to continue accepting offers.

The games do not have to be in shrink, but do need to match editions and should be in very good condition (some box wear in some cases might ok if the contents are like new). Obviously some of the grail games are not expected to be new. For the letter items list, I would of course consider adding sweeteners on my end to balance things out.

These are in no particular order of preference:

A) Chinatown
B) Antiquity (splotter)
C) Indonesia
D) Princes of the Renaissance

All the sets below here can be purchased new online for roughly $50-55 (with the exception of We the People, which is close, but typically used on ebay.

#1 = Age of Steam: Northeastern USA & South Africa, China & South America (SteamBrothers) (Boards and Bits exclusive)
#2 = Age of Steam: India, Mexico, Spain & Austria (SteamBrothers) (Boards and Bits exclusive)
#3 = We The People
#4 = C&C:A - Exp1 + Epic BattleLore exp.
#5 = Winds of Plunder + Zooloretto
#6 = Torres (RioGrande ed, not Rav.) + Blue Moon City
#7 - Imperial + Arkham Horror: King in Yellow
#8 - Himalaya + Yinsh
#9 - Pillars of the Earth + BL:Call to Arms + BL: Epic BL
#10 - Descent Well of Darkness + Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh + Mystery Rummy Card Game - Case No.3
#11 - Shogun (Rio Grande) + Battleline

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