Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random thoughts

  • I won an auction on Ebay for the first expansion map for Age of Steam - Ireland and England still in the shrink. Cost me $45 plus shipping, which isn't bad - most of the listings I've seen in the last year or so have run from $65-90 plus shipping. I didn't really want to spend $45 on a double sided piece of cardboard, but it'll never get printed again, and I think these two maps are a couple of the better ones.
  • I just started the second round of the tournament on MaBiWeb for Hansa: Changing Winds. I'm now 100% positive I hate this version. In the first round I was 2-2 and I'll be lucky to hit that again. The starting player has a pretty big advantage and unless luck goes against them, they are likely to get out in front and stay there. I don't want to play anymore, but I'm not going to just quit either. Bleh!
  • Still not happy with the look of the blog, but Blogger.com's new xml template system blows. I've been trying and trying to get it to look the way I want, but its just not happening.
  • Just when I thought I was nearly done with trading, there is YAMT (yet another math trade) going on. I was 100% sure it would be full of crap from the last two Tangathons. Surprise - its actually not. There is a surprising number of things I haven't seen before as a well a good number of things I'd be happy to acquire. I've already put in Lord of the Rings, Downtown, and an extra copy of Vegas Showdown. I'm pretty sure I now need to go back and throw a few more things out there. I'll for sure add Chizo Rising and maybe Ingenious (and then I can get a new copy - mine is used). Part of the problem? I'm running out of things to trade - I really have got my collection down to things I want to keep. I'm certainly willing to try and trade a game I can re-purchase, in order to get a more expensive game or out of print game. The other part is that I don't really want to list a game (like Niagra) that is already on the list three times. I might do it just to try and upgrade something.
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