Thursday, July 12, 2007

Math Trade Results

Well, the results are in and I did ok. As expected, LOTR traded. In exchange, I'll be getting: War! Age of Imperialism (NIS - love the Eagle games, even if they blow), Age of Mythology and the Target Risk! bookshelf classic edition (yea for wooden bits) - you know, this one: Some folks like AoM, some don't - I've never played, but the box is loaded with bits! I'll have to take a look to figure out if this one has any play value or if it just is going to take up space on the shelf (like War! is going to). I'm happy with the Risk! game too, as it gives me an excuse to get the other bookshelf games now. I don't mind having Risk, Stratego, Sorry, etc in these editions, as my children will play them as they get older.

I had one other game trade - Downtown (not Vegas Showdown - oh well). For Downtown, I'll be getting Warcraft: The Boardgame + Expansion. Downtown was interesting, but ultimately not quite fun enough in replays.

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