Saturday, July 07, 2007

Must Stop...

Ok, here we are a week into July and I have to stop. I can't keep going on like this.

Hi, my name is Charles and I'm a game buyer. For a long time now I thought I had it under control and that my collection was about like I wanted it. Apparently not, as I've acquired more than I need to for the month (and there is still a pending math trade with four things up for trade). This last week I've grabbed: 4 more Heroscape expansions, Age of Steam Exp #1, Bootleggers, Descent, Gulo Gulo, No Thanks!, and To Court a King. I'm not playing games enough to warrant a buying pattern like this. I'm hoping I can get some more playing in to justify all my buying!

In other news, I'm going to make another copy of Atolla Modulis. I made two copies a while back and at the time I said no more! Well, its been a while, so I'm going to make at least one more copy so I have a copy to trade. The materials for the project (the way I do it) run around $30 plus a load of my time and patience to get the cuts all square. It should be a good trade interest item.


Jaybird said...

Charles, Gulo Gulo is one of my favorite games, as it allows me to play an enjoyable game with my 4 year old. Only thing is, she beats me at it nearly every time. I have played it with adults as well, and it is a very good icebreaker--plays quick, can be very noisy, and is very easy to explain. Let me know what you think.

ps Good to find your blog. Hopefully, I'll be a regular guest.

Red October said...


i too have bought too much this week...altough i have a lot of ground to make up before i start to build a serious collection.