Sunday, September 30, 2007

Game Night and The Beast Got Loose!

Friday Sept. 28, 2007
I headed to the Game Shoppe in Bellevue for some gaming, though with no real plan in mind. I didn't know who might show up, but I knew they were talking about doing a Ticket to Ride tournament, so I had backup if there were no other games to play. As it turned out, the tournament ended up being myself, and three others - Becky, Heath and Will (though Becky manages the Shoppe, so she disqualified herself from winning anything). At any rate, the four of us sat down to play 3 games of TtR, with the winner being decided by total score over three games. I had brought along my 1910 expansion (just in case) to play with the bigger train cards. In the end, we decided to just play the whole expansion, so there was a lot of routes. The first game saw Becky winning by a wide margin, while Will completed one ticket. Will won the next game, but it couldn't bring him back from that terrible first game. I played steadily, but never got big ticket draws, nor did I ever get ticket draws that matched my completed areas. Oh well. In the end, the scores were -
Charles: 378
Heath: 396
Will: 291
Becky: 395
After we finished playing, Heath and Becky taught us Ivanhoe. This was a light little Knizia card game that was good enough that I grabbed a copy.

This Friday must have also been a full moon, because I walked out of the Shoppe with a lot more games than I had before I left. I traded a copy of Villa Paletti plus I made him the Zooloretto expansion for his copy of Mare Norstrum + its expansion. I had purchased Imperial months ago, and it had come in shortly after I ordered it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to pick it up until now, so I also had that in my hand. Apparently, this wasn't enough, so I grabbed a couple of BattleLore expansions. The Dwarven Battalion Specialist Pack and the Goblin Skirmishers Specialist Pack. That should have been enough, but I also ended up grabbing Ivanhoe and some dice. I grabbed a set of frosted purple dice that should look awesome under black lights. I have a plan...

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Red October said...

man, do you have any cash left over for that TH order?!